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Quantum cascade lasers in chemical physics

Andrews presents the subject matter at a level amenable to the general chemist, the novice and the practising specialists as well. The 3rd edition of this successful book has been completely revised and updated.

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Chemical Demonstrations, Hydrogen Chlorine Laser Reaction

About this book Laser application in chemistry and related fields is an area growing at rapid pace in line with new developments in laser technology. The goal of this module is to explain how a laser operates stimulated or spontaneous emission , describe important components, and give some examples of types of lasers and their applications.

Gas Lasers Gas lasers have lasing media that are made-up of one or a mixture of gases or vapors. Gas lasers can be classified in terms of the type of transitions that lead to their operation: atomic or molecular. The most common of all gas lasers is the helium-neon He-Ne laser.

Laser Theory There are four laser demands: population inversion, laser threshold, energy source and active medium.