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Family Law Mediation Mediation. Litigation - Construction Mediation Arbitration. Greenville, South Carolina. New Haven, Connecticut. McLean, Virginia. Boston, Massachusetts. Glass Mediations.

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San Diego, California. Gordon Feinblatt LLC. Knoxville, Tennessee. Albuquerque, New Mexico. Lexington, Kentucky. Orlando, Florida.

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Mediation Insurance Law. Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Wichita, Kansas. James K.

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Honolulu, Hawaii. Family Law Mediation Mediation Arbitration. Hartford, Connecticut. The Mediation Group. Brookline, Massachusetts. Lansing, Michigan. Sarasota, Florida. Mediation Construction Law. Pasadena, Maryland. Towson, Maryland. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Houston, Texas.

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Commercial Litigation Arbitration Mediation. Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Commercial Litigation Mediation. Detroit, Michigan. Sedalia, Missouri.

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Mediation Arbitration Commercial Litigation. South Bend, Indiana. Rochester, New York. Mark LeHocky Mediation. Scottsdale, Arizona. Underwood Law Firm, P. Amarillo, Texas. Johnston, Rhode Island. Government Relations Practice Mediation. Coral Gables, Florida. Bays Lung Rose Holma. Omaha, Nebraska. Charlotte, North Carolina. Loomis Law Firm. Arbitration Mediation Oil and Gas Law. Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania. Mediation Arbitration Environmental Law. Coffey Burlington. Miami, Florida. Wilmington, Delaware.

Corporate Law Arbitration Mediation.

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Boyce Law Firm, L. Sioux Falls, South Dakota. McWilliams Mediation Group Ltd. Denver, Colorado. Share this post:. The two lawyers will enter into negotiations on behalf of their clients regarding the issues. Is a Mediator a Lawyer? Some of the differences between using a divorce mediator vs attorney: Number of Professionals In divorce mediation, there is 1 mediator vs. Mediators empower clients to make their own decisions. Time to Completion A lawyer-driven divorce can take 18 months to 3 years to complete. Certainty of Outcome A lawyer-driven divorce is risky because there are no guarantees as to which side of any issue a judge is going to rule in court.

In private mediation, since both spouses have a direct say in outlining the terms of their agreement, outcomes are certain with respect to the couple's parenting plan arrangement, custody, child support, spousal support, property division and all other issues that must be resolved in their no-fault divorce case. Peaceful The mediation process is non-adversarial and cooperative so it's more peaceful to work with a mediator vs lawyer divorce which is often confrontational and hostile.

A lawyer-driven divorce, especially litigation, is an adversarial process and not peaceful in any way. Confidentiality Divorce litigation is a matter of public record. Divorce mediation is private and confidential. Listed below are some good reasons to choose mediation vs lawyers for divorce. You want what's best for your children. But it's even tougher on your kids. You want to keep things peaceful.

About Mediation

You want to save money. But if you use mediation, you can save thousands on your divorce. You don't want your divorce proceedings to drag on forever. If you want to complete your divorce in months instead of years, mediation is the way to go. You want a high level of control over your settlement agreement. Use a Divorce Lawyer vs Mediator When: 1. Your spouse is incapacitated. But what if you have doubts about your spouse's ability to do that? You fear for your safety or there's domestic violence.

You have reason to believe your spouse is hiding assets. Mediation is a good faith negotiation and requires transparency.


Your spouse is unwilling to mediate. Divorce Mediator vs Attorney for Divorce? You'll be glad you did! Other Useful Resources:.

From Advocate to Advisor: The Role of the Lawyer in Mediation

Topics: Planning for Divorce , Divorce Mediator vs. Lawyers , Divorce Mediation. Zanca has practiced law for over 24 years. Zanca has been a professional mediator for the past 7 years and has been an Associate Municipal Court Judge in Harlingen, Texas, for the past 6 years. Zanca has successfully mediated over 1, cases since , including disputes in all areas of civil litigation, personal injury, disputes, including but not limited to automobile, premises, product liability and medical negligence.

In his free time Mr. Zanca enjoys fishing, surfing, tennis, following his favorite sports teams and spending time with his family. Please allow one business day for confirmation.