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And remember when instead of the giant finger poking Doughy in the gut it stabbed him with a switchblade? Man, after that occurrence, I thought there was nothing that could keep these two apart.

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But I guess I was wrong. The doughboy alleges that he has no actual ill-will towards the giant finger, but against the industry that forced him to get so intimate with such a giant finger, and then had the audacity to make it so darned cute, "I'll never be respected in this business? I'm not a man. I'm a character doughboy. Now I'll never work in this 'biz again. His aunt Grace is played by Shirley Venard. Kemp expects his Aunt to die within a few days, but instead she keeps on living. Grace hardly speaks at all for most of the play, so it ends up being a very long monologue performed by Steve Hendrickson, framed by cinematic blackouts with musical interludes written by Greg Pliska.

Hendrickson is a wonderful actor and his portrayal of the angst-ridden Kemp is complex and engaging, if at times painful to watch just because the character is so tormented internally. This is funny the first couple times it happens, but after a while it gets tedious. A similar gag has Kemp thinking of ways to murder his aunt.

But in the crucial game Lasker played fantastic chess and won with a beautiful attack. After this defeat Pillsbury lost another five games in a row. Mega Database The "Mega" is the database every serious chessplayer needs.

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The database contains 7. Apparently, Pillsbury infected himself with syphilis when visiting a prostitute. The symptoms described above were probably caused by the infection.

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At that time syphilis was a wide-spread sexual disease that was fatal and could not be cured. After his return to the USA Pillsbury was invited to take part in an experiment. Before a blind simultaneous event he was asked to remember 30 words. After the four hour long simultaneous he was asked to repeat them. Pillsbury looked at the list for about one minute and had no trouble at all to recite the words after the simul. The next he still remembered all the words. This ability seems to be due to a photographic memory, and Pillsbury is not the only strong chess player with such a memory.

Similar stories are told about Bobby Fischer or Vassily Ivanchuk. Some chess players have a fantastic memory which helps them to learn new languages easily. The Czech grandmaster David Navara, for example, knows 15 languages and if necessary he probably could easily add another one to his repertoire. Pillsbury later added the memory stunt with the 30 words to his simuls.

During a break he asked the participants to create a list with 30 words and after a short look on the list he later recited it completely and without any errors. Pillsbury also fell into the habit of smoking Havana cigars and drinking whiskey during his blindfold simultaneous exhibitions which gave him the air of a dandy.

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And he no longer had headaches after his blindfold exhibitions. In the summer of Pillsbury was one of the 19 players at the International Tournament in Nuremberg. He won against Lasker, Tarrasch, Chigorin and finished fourth. Lasker won the tournament. Pillsbury later said that he was already suffering from symptoms which usually occur after a stroke: numbness, confusion, dizziness.

In October he took part at a tournament in Budapest and finished third behind the highly talented Rudolf Charousek, who also died young, and Mikhail Chigorin.


After his return to the US Pillsbury regularly gave blindfold exhibitions, and he was also one of the players who operated the Ajeeb. This automaton, constructed by Charles Hooper, who was a carpenter by profession. The Ajeeb was regularly shown in museums and exhibitions and defeated almost every one of his opponents. Between and Pillsbury regularly hid inside the Ajeeb, receiving a fee of 70 USD per week for his services. In June Pillsbury shared first place with Tarrasch at the Kaiser Franz jubilee tournament in Vienna, which was sponsored by the wealthy Albert Freiherr von Rothschild, who was a passionate chess fan and supported many tournaments.

Participants of the Vienna tournament, Pillsbury is sitting in the front row, third from the left, next to Steinitz. The tournament was played in the rooms of the "Wiener Schachgesellschaft" in the Schottengasse 7. Tarrasch and Pillsbury shared first place and played a tiebreak match to decided the winner - and this match ended in favour of Tarrasch.

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Pillsbury shared second to fourth place with Geza Maroczy and Dawid Janowski. Frank Marshall won the B-tournament. Master Class Vol. The name Emanuel Lasker will always be linked with his incredible 27 years reign on the throne of world chess.

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In , at the age of 25, he had already won the world title from Wilhelm Steinitz and his record number of years on the throne did not end till when Lasker had to accept the superiority of Jose Raul Capablanca. But not only had the only German world champion so far seen off all challengers for many years, he had also won the greatest tournaments of his age, sometimes with an enormous lead. The fascinating question is, how did he manage that? In March he broke the record and played in New Orleans against 17 opponents at the same time, and in April he even managed to play 20 opponents simultaneously.