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Pick a leader and have her dribble anywhere on the field, encouraging her to make lots of turns, changing speed, etc. All other players have to follow the leader and do whatever that player does. Switch leaders often. Play in a large grid. All the players stand at a cone about 20 feet from a group of balls. There is one less ball than the number of players. The coach keeps time and after a preset period has passed, the coach stops the game. Very simple and surprisingly effective.

Mark off a grid or circle. Everybody has a ball. Everyone has a ball and dribbles in a confined area.

5v5 Dribbling Game

Have more balls than players. Have the players line-up across one end of the field. Take their balls and spread them out around the field, these are the eggs. If you have an unusual coloured ball —make it the Golden Egg or something similar. At the other end of the field is a goal. Time them with a stopwatch. Players are grouped into threes. Second player has a ball at her feet, and must follow the head of the snake, dribbling wherever she goes.

No ball, just following. I let one lead for about 20 seconds or so. Then, on a whistle from a coach, 2 drops the ball to 3 and becomes the head of the snake. The rattle 3 becomes the dribbler and the former head circles around to become the rattle. Have all the kids dribble their balls in the centre circle.

Beginning Soccer Drills and Games for Kids of All Ages

Call out a colour. That team dribbles toward their goal. The other team leaves their ball and runs to slow the attackers down. If the defenders can keep the attackers outside of the penalty area for 10 seconds they get a point. Attackers get 1 point every time they dribble the ball into the box. Play to 10 points. If you are tempted to skip pre-exercise food so you can lose weight by burning more fat , think again. Yes, pre-exercise food will contribute to burning less fat at the moment, but that is irrelevant.

The issue is not whether you have burned fat during exercise but if you have created a calorie deficit by the end of the day. Eating excess calories after a fat-burning workout gets you nowhere. All of this means consuming some food and fluid on your way to the soccer venue will enhance your workout—assuming you have trained your gut to tolerate the food and fluids. For workouts longer than 60 minutes, the recommended intake is about to calories within the hour before you train. That recommendation obviously varies according to body size, exercise intensity and duration, and personal tolerance to food.

If you have been exercising on empty, you will likely discover you can now exercise harder, feel better, and get more enjoyment from your workouts. Research subjects who ate pre-exercise calories were able to exercise for minutes until they were exhausted, as compared to only minutes with no breakfast 3. Big difference!

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After learning this, one of my clients reported he was done with avoiding pre-exercise food in the name of intermittent fasting. Here are some options for fueling your early morning workouts so you are adequately hydrated and fueled.

Myth: Drills Are Boring, Practice Games Are Fun – Discover Soccer

Eat a quick and easy snack with about to calories depending on your body size and workout intensity. Some popular options include: English muffin, toast, bagel or banana with peanut butter ; oatmeal, a smoothie, Fig Newtons, or granola bar. If the event starts at a. In comparison, another athlete reported she used to wake up two hours before practice to eat.

She became very sleep-deprived and decided she needed sleep more than eat. She started eating a bigger bedtime snack.

Soccer SSG Drills: 8 Small Sided Games for Soccer Practice

Eat your breakfast the night before via a bedtime snack , such as a bowl of cereal, or yogurt with granola. Hit the coach I found on YouTube. I set out four cones to create a box. The box should be big enough to contain your whole team with a bit of extra space to move around. Does this involve actually hitting the coach? Well, kind of — yes. The goal of the kids is to kick the ball and hit you with it.

Yes, you will have a number of kids we have 8 all kicking balls at you at the same time. I actually have to let the kids hit me most of the time.

Compilation of FUN soccer drills and games by age group

Once they kick the ball into your legs, they get to tell you what animal to act out. Then, you have to act like that animal. Keep going with the game. Try and make sure everyone gets a chance to hit you. This keeps their feet moving and really helps them learn how to have better ball control. It also helps with kicking and dribbling. It is just like the game of red light, green light, but you have a soccer ball at your feet.

It can be played with them starting on one side of the field and racing toward you. I can also be played where they are just running around the field at random. Green light means go fast. Yellow light means go slow. This helps them work on speed change. Red light means stop the ball by putting your foot on the ball. This game really works on dribbling, ball control, stopping and speed adjustments.

The kids start on one side of the field and then race to the other side. As they go, they are suppose to do a little kick, a little kick and then one big kick. Encourage them to yell loud. This was my own little creation that began in a game.

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I have a number of boys that I thought might connect more with the game if I made it more of a make believe situation. So, the box by the goal I now call the spaceship and tell the kids they need to defend the ship. That child is the one in charge of guarding the ship. The balls are the bombs that people are trying to use to destroy the ship. They need to do all they can to protect the ship by kicking the bombs away. We use this in practice when we try to work on defense.

I set up a couple cones as the goal and set 2 on offense and 1 or 2 on defense. The defenders work to protect ship. The two kids battle it out. They run to the ball. The goal is to get the ball and bring it back to me. If one person has the ball, the other wants to take it away to bring it back to me. This is great practice in ball control, dribbling and learning how to steal a ball from an opponent. Volcanoes is a game I learned on YouTube. You will want to set a bunch of cones semi-close together in random formation.

The kids have to dribble the ball through the cone maze and come out on the other side without hitting any of the volcanoes cones. I make an exploding noise if they are hit. They start out slow. We do it a few time, and I encourage them to speed up each time. I also encourage them to see if we, as a whole team can avoid knocking over any volcanoes.

This is a great game to teach dribbling skills. The Tunnel is a game to teach kids to kick with the inside of their foot. The kids get in line and, one at a time, try and kick the ball through the tunnel by using the inside of their foot. They can then run to the other side and retrieve the ball. With my kids, I found I had to explain what the inside of the foot means. I had to go down to their feet and touch the inside. I found this game on YouTube. This is the traditional game of keep away with a few kids on the outside and a couple kids on the inside trying to steal the ball away.

This help kids practice their big kicks as well as work on their defense skills. If the ball is near their feet, they want to fiddle with it. They reach down, pick it up and put it on their heads, knowing it is time for listening ears.

Attack is a game I came up with to not only work on defense skills but to also teach kids to work as a team and pass the ball to one another. I have found that the kids are like little magnets to the ball. Therefore, I wanted to find a way to make them more aware of one another and how they can better work together. I have two girls that, if they could figure out how to work with each other rather than against each other, could be quite the force.

Set up cones to represent a goal or use a goal appropriate to their size. Keep one defensive player back by the goal with you. Have two players at a time working together on offense. Set them apart from one another. Tell them their goal is to work together to make a goal. Either the defense will successfully steal it and take it away or the other team will get an opportunity to shoot at the goal.

Soccer SSG Drills Key Coaching Points

Players dribble inside a designated square. The coach pursues dribblers. Players line up on one edge of the field. Make sure dribblers stop once they get to the other side of the grid. Game ends when all players have been caught. Players must freeze where they were tagged to wait to the end of the game.