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Approach very slowly as you call the dog to you. Use a calm and gentle voice. You need to appear as nonthreatening as possible. Remember, the dog may already be feeling confused, disoriented, or distressed. He may even be injured, which would make him more dangerous. You may offer food or treats to entice the dog to come closer. Without leaving your car, you can also try opening your car door and calling out in an excited voice.

How to Find Your Lost Dog

Some dogs would be more than happy to jump in. The best course of action might be to seek the help of professionals from animal control. Identifying the missing dog is the next step on what to do if you found a lost dog. When you take the dog to the animal clinic for a checkup, have them scan for microchip information as well.

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Other places equipped with microchip scanners include animal shelters, pet supply stores, and local animal control organizations. Reporting to animal shelters is definitely on top of the list of what to do if a lost dog is found. Animal shelters would be among the first places owners of missing pets would be checking. You can contact nearby shelters and provide them with a photo and a description of the dog you found.

Increase the chances of returning the lost dog in your care back to its owner by posting and distributing flyers to as many places as possible. All you have to do is upload a photo, a description, and your contact details to have a flyer ready for printing. Reporting on PawMaw. Now that you have the poster ready, put them up in animal clinics, pet supply stores, animal shelters, bus stops, commercial centers, and public places.

The more people can see them, the greater chances of the dog reuniting with its owner. Make sure you include a detailed description, your contact details, and a clear photo of the dog in your care. So, what next? You may either find a new foster home for him, leave him in a shelter, or decide to adopt him yourself. Welcome to PawMaw blogs!

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  6. Park your car off the road. Grab a leash or prepare an emergency harness. Approach slowly and carefully.

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    Offer food or treats. Lure him to your car. Keep the dog safe. But this deeply affecting portrayal also reflects that fairy-tale endings are within reach when those involved are infused with spirit, confidence and commitment.

    Stray Thoughts

    Why do you think pit bulls have such a bad reputation? Can public opinion of pit bulls be reversed? Either the dog has been poorly socialized or mistreated or put into a situation where its instincts are in opposition to what people consider good behavior. This entire phenomenon was detailed in an excellent book called The Pit Bull Placebo , which tracked its evolution over the last years.

    Can it be reversed? The Bad Newz case was a step. The Lost Dogs could be another step. How did the practice of dog fighting being and what motivates people to become involved with it? The pit bull and its close relatives—the Staffordshire bull terrier and the American Staffordshire terrier—trace back to the 17th and 18th century English practice of bull- and bearbaiting, in which canines took on giant predators for public amusement. When that activity was banned in the early s, the dogs were then turned on each other and the practice evolved from there.

    Lost Dog Street Band

    Unfortunately, dog fighting occurs all over the world and each culture seems to have its own favorite breed for the task. Most people are able to exercise those demons by yelling at flight attendants or clueless customer service reps or, ironically, watching the NFL, but for some people that instinct runs to a deeper bloodlust.

    For others there will be times of joy mixed with times when they are cowed by their fears and memories. Whatever progress has been made, it pales in comparison to the entrenched and widespread practice of dog fighting. Has the treatment of the former Vick dogs changed the way that fighting dogs are dealt with? Before this case the common practice was to treat all the dogs taken from a fight bust as one entity.

    Most of the time, the entire collection of dogs was put down. The Bad Newz case helped seed the idea that such dogs should not be looked at as a group, but that each should be individually evaluated and judged.

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    The approach was successful, and in December of , the Humane Society of the U. He was definitely not treated unfairly.


    He broke the law. He got caught. He pled guilty and was sentenced. Some have received lesser sentences than he did, but others have received harsher sentences for the same violations. He served two years in Federal prison and was forced to declare bankruptcy. Men first domesticated dogs more than 10, years ago, when our ancestors were hunting for their meals and sleeping next to open fires at night.

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    Dogs were instant helpers in our struggle for survival. They guarded us in the dark and helped us find food by day. We offered them something too, scraps of food, some measure of protection, the heat of the flames. Certainly, as man rose in the world, dogs came with us, perhaps even aiding the advance.

    They continued to guard us and help with hunting, but they did more. They marched with armies into war, they worked by our sides, hauling, pulling, herding, retrieving. We manipulated their genetic makeup to suit our purposes, cross breeding types to create animals that could kill the rats infecting our cities or search for those lost in the snow or the woods.